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The second edition of The Rubber Bunch

The second edition of The Rubber Bunch in club Akhnaton was fully booked. We were exactly at the maximum number that we were allowed under the Corona rules. What was it special to see such an enthusiastic group of people together. The diversity of the group was great: different ages and different levels of (latex) experience. Some in “normal” clothes, others completely in rubber fetish outfit. The evening started with a short informative introduction by Iris in which questions could also be asked. The members of the team were introduced. During each Rubber Bunch edition, this enthusiastic group of volunteers are completely at the disposal of the guests. They answer questions, give advice where necessary and make everyone feel welcome. After the informative part one could enjoy a sensual rubber bondage performance from “The Puppeteer”. This released the atmosphere nicely. The audience, which looked relaxed, was nicely socialized and there was also plenty of interest in the demos. There were a few interactive demos including a vacuum bed demo by Dutch Fantasy, the possibility to let your latex shine lovingly by Yggy, an experienced and passionate “shiner” and there were all kinds of attributes that you could see or try out up close. If desired with the help of someone from the team. At the end of the evening our party was asked to “move” upstairs, where we could continue the evening in a separate room while enjoying a drink. There was a lot of recognition and the atmosphere was extremely relaxed. So many like-minded people together made the atmosphere optimal. We are pleased that club Akhnaton has promised us that more space will be offered to us next time and that we can therefore continue to organize the event on a small scale, even in times of Corona (provided the catering industry is allowed to reopen).

Thanks for the enthusiastic dedication of the people of the team and all visitors and see you next time!

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