The Rubber Bunch Munch Edition

It's finally here! On September 16 we are organizing another RUBBERBUNCH MUNCH! The MUNCH will take place in club Eagle.
Eagle Amsterdam is originally a safe place for the gay community and the oldest club in Amsterdam. Eagle frequently organizes all kinds of events for all kinds of target groups. As with the RUBBERBUNCH, consent, mutual respect and inclusion are key code words.

De RubberBunch

An evening where you get tips and tricks and practical information, can meet like-minded people, ask questions, but where we also discuss deeper feelings, “coming out”, issues you encounter, etc.


There is also the opportunity to tell about yourself and listen to others if desired (As long as it’s on topic).


So everything you always wanted to know about rubber fetish, but (perhaps) were afraid to ask 😊.


For Who:


The evenings are intended for everyone who loves rubber (a lot), but especially for those who have not (yet) been able to find their way or perhaps struggle with a 'coming out', seek information and clarity or when you are looking for like-minded people.


The evenings are also suitable for partners of rubber enthusiasts.

What We Will Do:

We will discuss as many facets of the rubber experience as possible and information is provided.


Topics include:

  • What happens to you when you wear rubber?

  • Playing with rubber.

  • Transformation.

  • Rubber and (sexual) feeling.

  • How do I tell my partner?

The goal is to do a demo or other activity on every edition.


For example, you can think of a vacuum bed demonstration, trying out various latex items, such as masks, body bags, etc., or a life dollification.


Suggestions are always welcome.

We also pay attention to practical matters:


  • How do I dress and what suits me?

  • How do I maintain my rubber?


And you will have the opportunity to (if desired) tell your story (possibly dressed in rubber)

There is also plenty of opportunity to socialize and you can have a drink at the bar during the breaks and afterwards, wearing your rubber outfit if you wish!

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