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The Rubber Bunch party of March 11, 2023.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

What can I say? It was the perfect rubber party.

What a special atmosphere, and what a wonderful audience.

Can I say it? Yes, dare I say it; the Rubber Bunch party has the most beautiful visitors. And I'm not just talking about the crazy outfits (although they should definitely be mentioned!) But I'm also talking about the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

An atmosphere where newcomers or singles immediately feel as if they are in a "warm bath". We owe this atmosphere in particular to our visitors.

You feel welcome at the Rubber Bunch, and you can be as extravagant and outrageous as you want. Important themes are inclusion, consent, and mutual respect.

Beautiful people, a safe atmosphere where you can also play, and a passion for latex. It's a total picture.

So a word of thanks to those special people who make the Rubber Bunch into a whole. If you've been once, you belong. Because the Rubber Bunch, that's you, that's us!

Plus, an amazing team, amazing DJs, amazing performers, and our friends and supporters.

We did it together. And we are far from done!

We've only just begun... See you at the next edition on the 11th November 2023

Pictures: Peter van Gelderen en Rosa pictures.