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Shine like a diamond; at the Rubber Bunch party.

It is March 2 and spring has arrived early in Amsterdam. The streets and canals are sunny, even though it is still chilly. Tonight there is another Rubber Bunch party in club Akhnaton. As soon as the doors open at 8 p.m., colorful, extravagant fetish enthusiasts immediately flock in. It is special to see this every time, because where do you see so many special, beautifully dressed people together? And it's not just the outfits that shine, the cheerful faces too. It is all positive energy. I see many familiar faces but also new ones. Some are a bit shy at first, but usually quickly become completely at ease; dancing, talking, watching and sometimes even participating in one of the special rubber demos. At the Rubber Bunch you are drawn into a positive, respectful and super relaxed atmosphere and you quickly become part of the whole, whether you come alone, with friends or with your partner.

The Rubber Bunch is the place where latex and leather lovers find their way. And that means that visitors come from all over the world. Not only all parts of the Netherlands, but also from all kinds of different countries. Every edition you will hear an interesting mix of languages and accents.

The Rubber Bunch is intended for those who prefer small scale, intimacy and diversity over massiveness and large scale, and for those who seek the special atmosphere of a real fetish party where the dress code is an attractive challenge, and not a necessity to get in .

Many visitors, or in other words: “Rubber Bunchies” love to go the extra mile in terms of looks. Creativity, individuality and extravagance are challenging keywords. However, the Rubber Bunch is suitable for all levels of fetish experience; whether you are super experienced, a “hard core” rubber gimp, or a latex fashionista. Whether you wear a simple latex dress or a full Star Wars outfit with a mask, whether you are a puppy or a latex maid, you are welcome at the Rubber Bunch no matter what.

Now that the Rubber Bunch events are organized on a regular basis, it seems like more and more kinky activity is starting to develop. It is great fun to see how people are enjoying all kinds of activities on all floors of the venue.

The party and the munch are fetish events, where you spend the evening in your own way. Whether you want to let loose on the dance floor all evening, chat in the café, or just want to play. The demos, which are supervised by Rubber Bunch team members, are always very well attended (vacuum bed and cube). But whatever you undertake, consent, mutual respect and acceptance are extremely important.

A permanent part of every party is the permanent Rubber Bunch team, which is there for you with advice, the resident DJs, the candy girls and door bitches and a different show and walk around every edition. And of course the beautiful visitors!

The Rubber Bunch may be a small gem, but it sparkles and shines so brightly and evenly that it has now acquired a striking place in the fetish nightlife scene in the Netherlands.

Pictures by Peter van Gelderen and Jasmine de Vries.

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