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RubberBunch Party November 2023

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Autumn has arrived and it has been raining for weeks. But today, November 11, we wake up to a cheerful sun.

I think of those who have come to Amsterdam, especially for tonight's party, a large number of them from abroad, and I am happy that the weekend is starting so well for everyone. It means that you can also stroll through the city today without getting soaking wet with rain.

It is the fifth Rubber Bunch party and each time this rubber event is better attended by rubber enthusiasts from home and abroad and hosted by Irresistible Iris. It is extremely encouraging that people travel many kilometers specifically to attend that small-scale special event. The variety of nationalities in particular creates an interesting mix of all kinds of people who are on the same page in terms of mindset and fetish.

The Rubber Bunch is an increasingly large community in Amsterdam that is unique because it offers both accessible meetings (The Rubber Munch) and a party (The Rubber Bunch party) where a strict dress code applies. At the munch you can, as an aspiring rubber enthusiast, still watch the situation (rubber) tree, there is no dress code, and you can chat and socialize here. You are also welcome if you feel like wearing a fetish outfit.

In addition, there is the party, where all visitors, without exception, are dressed in crazy outfits made of rubber (or leather). At the party, you can dance to underground techno, socialize, attend changing demos (this time a vacuum cube), enjoy shows (Ropemarks), and walk around (puppies and mistresses). There is a bar, a dance, and a play area. There are also sweet candy girls and boys who treat visitors to goodies. The Rubber Bunch events are in the heart of Amsterdam. As said, this time too the outfits were to die for. Exclusive Dayne Henderson and dolly masks, inflatables, gas masks, cross-dressing, superhero creations, and especially many double layers of rubber. This time it was again a feast for the eyes.

The Rubber Bunch party is a small-scale and accessible fetish event, where the atmosphere is particularly relaxed and pleasant. Those who go alone are also very welcome and often feel at ease because there is such a calm, pleasant atmosphere. This does not mean that things sometimes get wild in the dance and play area! Yet the atmosphere is built on openness, tolerance, consent, inclusion, and mutual respect.

On December 22 there will be another munch in Club Eagle, where you can pay for admission at the door (10 euros including wardrobe and snacks) and the specially priced early bird for the next Rubber Bunch party has already started.

Photo's by: Peter van Gelderen & Alex Perez