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RubberBunch Party Edition 11 June

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

To start with: What a fantastic atmosphere and a wonderful crowd at the last edition of the RubberBunch, I am very grateful!

It has been quite a challenge to start a "new" concept: A fetish party for rubber (and leather) lovers. After all, there was already so much; every weekend there is a "kinky" or fetish party. The flyers and announcements are tempting and promise a lot. Organizations talk a lot about: The REAL fetish party.. but what does that actually mean, and what can you expect? It's easy to get overwhelmed. Especially as a "beginner", it is difficult to determine what suits you and what is a "safe" environment. What I wanted was to build a community where people with a (fascination for) latex fetish could move freely, where wearing rubber is an important factor, and where you can socialize with like-minded people. Where you don't have to feel like a "freak" if you wear a mega extravagant outfit, or if you like a gear with a gas mask or inflatable rubber suit, or rubber bondage, or if you, being a man want to be "feminine" for an evening, or vice versa and choose an extreme (rubber) outfit and high heels. I also wanted to provide an environment where people can play. So not an anonymous dark room, but a play area that is lit, where there is room to play, but also for demos. And where, in the dance area, a whip or other playing instrument may also be brought out. (At least when you don't bother others;))

Ideally, I wanted to do two things: munches (where it is accessible, -no loud music- and where there is no compulsory dress code, and parties, -with a strict dress code, shows, etc- to organize, so that there is something for everyone. It took me quite a lot of effort to realize this, also because Corona didn't make it easier, and we had to postpone our events time and again. Moreover, it took an effort to reach the right target group and gain their trust. But, despite the hard work and frustrations, it has brought me so much gratitude and joy. Personal reactions, spontaneous cooperation, and input from many have always given me the motivation to continue. The party, where more and more international guests are finding their way to, and from where guests from the gay fetish scene also felt welcome, is expanding and is getting more and more known. Intimacy is something that I personally find very important. I don't want to organize a massive anonymous event. I like that I now know many people personally. But at the same time, I have to sell enough tickets to keep things going. After two parties, I would love to organize another munch, and that's why I'm also placing a call to my visitors. I really want to offer a private space. So no cafe or other public space, but a location where we can meet without prying eyes and where we can also do demos. The problem with this is that renting a space (with changing room and parking) can be expensive and I want to keep the entrance fee for a munch low. So, if you have any ideas about this, I'd love to hear them. Another input is always welcome. For example, if you want to do a demo that fits our concept, or if you are a performer, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks again to all who support the RubberBunch and to all those who have supported and motivated us. We will announce a new date soon. Because we keep going!

With lots of love! Iris

Photo's by Peter van Gelderen

Photo's by Ryan

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