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RubberMunch 16 september

I look back on the munch of September 16 with great satisfaction. It was the first time in club Eagle, and I can say with confidence that we found the right place! In the future, the munch will therefore take place in this atmospheric, hospitable club in the heart of Amsterdam. The turnout was fantastic, with many familiar faces, but also a number of people who dared to visit the munch for the first time. The fact that this trust has been granted to me means a lot to me.

The pictures I have shared give a nice idea of what the evening looked like. Lots of happy, relaxed, and relieved faces.

I hope you will enjoy the memories with me when you see these photos, made by Peter van Gelderen. I hope to see everyone again at the party, on November 5 in club Akhnaten, or perhaps at the next munch, on January 6, 2023, in club Eagle.


Iris and the RubberBunch team.

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