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Rubberbunch munch op 17 september

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The fact that the specific rubber scene in the Netherlands was moderately represented in terms of (accessible) events and meetings, and that there are so few opportunities for (novice) rubber enthusiasts got me thinking. Through my work in a well-known rubber specialty store in Amsterdam I very regularly got into conversation with a wide variety of people; young, old, all kinds of nationalities, genders and levels of experience. What they had in common was the (budding) love for rubber. And if anything creates a connection, it is that people share the same fetish. I really wanted to bring these people together. And moreover, those who (still) have doubts try to convince them to meet others and “show” themselves in a safe atmosphere.

That gave me the impetus to start gatherings for rubber enthusiasts under the name The RUBBERBUNCH: rubber munches where people are welcome dressed in rubber, but also in jeans and a sweater. These accessible munches have formed the beginning of a larger whole: a rubber community in which parties with a strict dress code are also organized. But in principle the possibilities are endless and I am open to all fun initiatives, as long as they have to do with rubber! It's such a shame that fetish is still taboo. People really need to feel accepted and free to be themselves. When you get the confirmation that you are just as “normal” as everyone else, you can then start enjoying. Enjoy and be proud of who you are. And if you can share this with others (like-minded people), it often results in an intense feeling of happiness.

The first RUBBERBUNCH party with a strict dress code was originally planned for September 17th. Unfortunately, this could not take place at the very last minute due to the tightened Corona measures. We then chose to organize a festive munch on the same date with a rubber dress code. This turned out to be a great success! Beautifully dressed guests from different countries found their way to Amsterdam and created a great atmosphere. Some were very experienced, some were out in the “public” for the very first time in their rubber. Even though we had to stop at midnight, that didn't detract from the great evening and the optimal atmosphere. With the help of a fantastic RUBBERBUNCH team of volunteers including DJ Resonate, polisher Yggy, shoe polisher (bootblack) The Passenger, Miss Madelief, InCommand, Latex servant, Peter van Gelderen and pup Jur we were able to put on a great evening. In addition, we also had three sponsors who enabled us to offer the guests some extras.

Lovely whips by Slagwerk atelier with the RUBBERBUNCH logo, Vivishine samples, and vouchers from Latexadventures.

I can say that I am a grateful person. What I hoped to achieve seems to have become reality. With enthusiasm, we will continue this path! Sunday, October 24th is the next munch and November 13th is the RUBBERBUNCH party, which is already almost sold out. I hope that with the RUBBERBUNCH we can be a safe and relaxed place for rubber lovers in the future. And a place where you can party once in a while, of course. For information, you can follow us on Facebook, instagram en Fetlife

Irresistible Iris

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